Why me?  Why should I write a page for PTSD?  I am not a doctor, social worker, or therapist.  I never joined the military.  I am just a lady with an unusual childhood that lives with PTSD everyday.  I don’t have a before PTSD story to tell.  From reading what my mother wrote in my baby book, PTSD became my life around age 5.  I don’t remember much from that time.  I learned that forgetting is not healing.  I wanted a place to gather information about what I am learning and share it with anyone that is interested.  For years, I referred to some mysterious thing that munched my life as a Shadow Warrior.  Working in the dark recess of my mind it was systematically destroying my life.  I started counseling and found out my Shadow Warrior has a name.  It is called PTSD.  The first step to fighting back was accepting that it was there. The second step is believing that I can cope and finally thrive with PTSD in my life.

How to become a team member – be willing to volunteer to have your comments posted on permanent pages and send my posts about your experience.  To contact me directly send ideas to weareonebyruth at gmail dot com.  If you are spam my computer will hunt you down….not really but there is a lovely spam file that you will disappear into never to be seen by me.  Unfortunately, I do not post recommendations for individual counselors.  No way for me to interview each person.  I do encourage choosing a counselor and I share ideas on how to do that.

Team Members

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  1. You can improve, claim your life back, it takes daily,practice

    PTSD is not a life sentence I found out.

    Mindfulness combined with awareness and acceptance can make dramatic changes in a life.


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