I’m still Here

I took an extended leave of absence from writing my blogs. I simply didn’t have enough in me to do one more thing. My cup ran over with too much. To stop the emotional hemorrhaging, I cut back on so much. I dropped into survival mode and just tread water. Life is like that sometimes. Old wives tale says that bad things come in 3’s. This year they came in waves. I would start to feel like I was making progress then body slammed again and again. I am working at re-engaging with life again. I learned that the world keeps spinning if I take a long break. I learned that there are somethings, I simply can’t fix.

That is ok.

Sometimes I just fall apart. 3 wishes on a lovely hike.

2 thoughts on “I’m still Here

  1. Few understand the inner struggles of PTSD

    I can not accurately describe our challenges

    Survivor mode drains enormous resources and energy

    • You are so right. I tried more than once to explain to someone else. The ones that understand do because of their experience not my description. Thanks for your comment, Marty.

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