The World Sucks….If it didn’t

We would all fly off the planet.

This past year is beyond frustrating. I pulled back on everything. I dumped myself into full out survival mode. I played video games and crocheted.

Giraffe instantly claimed by one of my grandchildren

I also worked on learning Spanish. However, I am living proof that given enough time I would not clean my craft room. I had all the time in the YEAR and I hardly touched it. I stopped painting because I felt so overwhelmed with just getting through each day with increasing distressing news of a World gone crazy. I do not use the word crazy lightly. It is not hyperbole it was what happened.

I learned that seeing millions of people turn into the same type of fear mongering persona as my mother was horrifying, I didn’t do well. It was like trigger city daily no matter how hard I try to hide from everything. Each morning, there it was the demands, the treats, the fear…..I still don’t know how to battle it. I am so sad by how many people were hurt by the disease and all the fear and manipulation that followed. However, at the end of the day, I realize I did survive another day. Tomorrow I will gather my strength and slog forward some more.

The power of hope is believing there is a tomorrow.

Sunset on Lake Michigan.

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