What I learned from nature

I am reading several pages and post on Facebook about PTSD.  I am finding a discouraging trend towards hopelessness.  One of the myths is that once you have PTSD your life is over.  Some people believe it so completely, they commit suicide.  There are many articles and research that affirm that PTSD is treatable.  A challenge, undoubtedly.  Tough, absolutely.  Impossible can be changed to I’m Possible.  I still struggle with symptoms but the improvements in my life are fantastic.  There are a few things that I learned from nature that help me.

Pearls….start out as a small irritant.  Coated with layer upon layer upon layer upon layer it becomes a beautiful thing.  Without the irritant the beauty wouldn’t exist.

Chicks….baby chicks specifically.  If you help a baby chick out of its shell, it dies.  The struggle of breaking out strengthens the chick for a hectic life ahead.

Butterflies…..no one expects a butterfly to turn back into a caterpillar.

What have you learned from nature?



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