Pocket Poetry

This months is celebrating pocket poems.  Put a poem in your pocket and share it with someone else.


PDF of poems suggested by the web site.

Poetry was always very important to me.  Poems spoke to my heart when my head wasn’t listening.  I think it is a lovely idea to have a poem in your pocket to share.  Many of my poems that I wrote I don’t share.  They express some of my darkest emotions.

I am like shattered glass
Cutting those who touch me
I have been broken
I am hard and sharp
People can see through me.
They know I can hurt them
I am never confronted
I am always walked around.
– Lori Gauntlet


This poem was on a poster that I placed over my bed in high school.  I had no memories at that time to tell me why I was like shattered glass.  I just knew that I was described by this poem.

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