Coloring works

Art therapy, coloring books, pencil and paper all bring about one thing a moment in time to explorer and relax.

I am sharing links that were brought to my attention.  Reminder proceed with caution.  If you virus checker says it is not a safe site or your own intuition says, “Danger,” please listen to yourself.  I use a Mac and tend not to worry as much as I probably should.  However, these pages are beautiful.  I was also blessed with my daughter-in-law buying me a lovely coloring book.  I would color before each session of counseling.  I actually arrived 15-20 minutes early so I could spend time coloring.  I used kids coloring books so I’m delighted to find some that are a bit more intricate and include designs I enjoy.  I’ve used coloring/drawing to help me reduce pain after cancer surgery, reduce anxiety before counseling sessions, to sooth my troubled mind and general reset myself to a more peaceful state.  Enjoy.

Don’t forget a blank sheet of paper and an ordinary pencil can begin your odyssey into art.  Reminder to self: Doesn’t need to be museum quality to be enjoyed.

If anyone has difficulty with these pages let me know so that I can remove links that do not do what they say they are doing.





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