Rude and mean need correcting

Just because someone is Rude or Mean it doesn’t mean the behavior should be ignored.  The earlier post defines bullying as malicious acts carried out intentionally over time.  If a person is accidentally rude, bringing it to their attention helps them understand that what they are doing is not ok.  If they do it again, then they are being mean because they know this hurts or bothers someone and choose to purposely harm.  Do this same rude/mean act over and over and over becomes a bully.  My belief is nip bullying in the bud by correcting rude and mean behaviors.  I believe the article is attempting to keep the focus on having the same definition.  I am sometimes rude.  I don’t mean to be.  I appreciate when someone reminds me to be more aware of the feelings of others.  However, I know people that once they know something is hurtful they will purposely use this knowledge to intensify my suffering.  Bullying is abuse.  I am in the process of describing to someone else how their behavior is hurtful to me.  I don’t believe the person will listen.  I am starting to realize the effort to define what is hurtful and what they can do, if they choose, to maintain a good relationship with me.  Rude, mean, and bullying the core of these issues is overstepping boundaries.  I am setting boundaries so that I understand where I stand.  It doesn’t mean the other person will respect them.  I am also outlining in my mind consequences if my stated boundaries are not respected. This is taking weeks to work through and write out.  Reminder to self: don’t work more than an hour a day on emotional garbage work, thanks to my counselor for teaching me the value of taking time to live while I am learning new skills of living.


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