Holidays and Families

I spent a wonderful few days with family and enjoyed the 4th of July relaxing.  I enjoy taking pictures of fireworks but this year I spent it at home with an awesome dinner with DH and keeping our dog comfortable.  My sister said that she watched the fireworks on TV and this helped calm her dog.  Worked like a charm.  Instead of freaking out, our dog assumed it was that annoying TV.  Only one fireworks outside closer to our house sent her running to be next to me.  I also payed attention to my own reaction.  I posted before how to make holidays more tolerable. I followed my own advice.  At the end of the evening, I felt relaxed instead of super wound up.  I am learning to listen to myself.  Maybe next year I will be in a different place and willing to go to the fireworks.  I do enjoy taking pictures.  I hope everyone had a safe holiday.


RM5_7067 RM3_7572 RM3_7852 RM3_7835


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