Normal….hard to believe

Medical tests came back….I’m on the low end of normal for thyroid, my blood pressure is on the high end of normal, and I am really allergic to something not yet identified.  Problems come in 3s, 4s, 5s or any other number they want to.  But the doctor said that all my medical tests came back in the normal range.  However, due to the extreme allergy to something, I will be a card carrying EpiPen carrier.  I talked to my doctor and asked about the outrageous price hike on Epi Pens….apparently the price is back down and the company is sporting a bit of a black eye and loss of a great deal of respect.  Selfish people never see past their own needs to the big picture of sharing space on this planet. I do have several medications now to put my body back on the mend.  2016 was a rough year and I am still experiencing the fallout.  I did two good things, I brought my information from one doctor to update the records kept by my primary care doctor.  Plus, I checked in to find out if I need another specialist or did they have another option.  Yup, my doctor does allergy tests.  She also has a friend that deals with extreme allergies so had a little better understanding from a personal perspective.  Thankful to find an excellent primary care physician and his assistants.

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