Maladaptive Schema

This was in my drafts for over a year.  I needed to revisit it.  I am sharing links to this one but I also lived it survived it.  I am doing a bit of back sliding so needed a reminder to keep fighting forward.

The link has a lot more information about Roots2blossom’s battle.  I am cheering for her.  Giving the enemy a name helps me to feel less afraid of the challenge.

The original post

It is copy righted so you need to go to the page yourself.  I am reviewing these to look at what is happening right now.  2016 was a very tough year.  What negativity is creeping back in to push me further into a hole?  Hard thing about PTSD, just about the time you think you got a handle on it, another blow strikes.

9e4d5-rm4_7060nHow do I fill a hole that can fit the Empire State Building and all I have is a teaspoon?


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