Fear only part

Yahoo News Digest splashed the news that there may be an antibiotic for PTSD.  I read the article….should read, “Scientist Hyper-focus on a Fraction of a Complex Problem.”  http://yahoonewsdigest-us.tumblr.com/post/159184934859/measuring-fear-responses-scientists-find  It is true that fear is a part of PTSD.  Fear can be measured….monitored and controlled by a variety of methods….antibiotics being only one of the methods.  I can control fear by re-framing, grounding, yoga, karate, exercise, slow breathing, and guess what?  Fear is a minor part of the complexity of PTSD.  In fact, my counselor was a bit concerned about my lack of fear in some situations.  Yes, fear is a symptom but it is only a small part.  My struggle to trust and healthy interactions with other people is far more vexing than fear, but not measurable.  Insomnia is helped with essential oils, relaxation, music, white-noise, but those split seconds of waking from a horrific nightmare is difficult to control until I am fully awake.  I think this goes with yesterdays article where news media gets all excited about a simplistic one size fits none solution. It is annoying for all the same reasons, condescending, over simplified and discouraging to have them say, “Pop a pill, you’ll feel better.”  I will shake my head.  There are any number of pills I could pop to produce nice comfortable feelings, some legal, some not so much.  I do believe that many people are helped by carefully considered thought out medications that help some people with PTSD.  However, searching for the Holy Grail of solving PTSD in an antibiotic is not going to do it.   Media, cut the hype.

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