Teacher Appreciation

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”

 Buddhist Proverb quotes

I remembered this quote and thought of all the times I needed a teacher….I looked for them.  The hardest part was getting myself to the point of being ready to listen.  I believe the teachers are there all the time but I don’t recognize their value until I am ready to learn.  I spent years getting to the point that I entered counseling and was open to what I needed to hear to change my life.  Some sessions I would shut down and we would start again the next week or wait a week or two and tackle the issue again.  I believe my first counselor was an important teacher in my life.  One of many.  I didn’t idly wait for teachers to appear.  I looked for them in school, at the library, on line, and in Church.  I crave new ideas because some of the ones I am using now aren’t working for me.  Or I decided I could do better.  Or I learned something that goes against my belief system creating cognitive dissonance and I am searching for answers.  A teacher babbling away to uninterested students results in little or no learning.  However, a gifted teacher is one that inspires their students to search actively for their own answers.  My counselor referred to himself as a coach teaching me to run the maze called life.  I would make wrong turns and he would guide me back on to the path of healthy living.  I am thankful for many teachers I had through out the years that encourage me, challenge me, and let me learn for myself about this wonderful world we live in.  So many made a remarkable difference.  I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for my teachers.



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