Your Life Matters

I’ve joined a PTSD Facebook page.  This was one of the ideas to help remind yourself for self-protection.  Ashley kindly gave me permission to share. Thank you Ashley

I put on some dollar store temporary tattoos to help keep me safe tonight. I’ve had the worst weekend due to the holiday and have an extensive history of self-harm so I thought it was better safe then sorry since I’ll be alone the rest of the night. Yay for self-care?

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, anniversary of trauma, special events or holidays may add another layer of stress to an already overloaded emotional system.  I learned doing something to help with my self care at times like these acknowledges how I feel, visual reminder that I matter, and a promise to my self to take care of me.

Another project along the same idea is the Semicolon project.

Your Life Matters. 




One thought on “Your Life Matters

  1. I love this idea! I want to try it. My self-harm is eating too much and things I know will make me sick. Maybe something like temporary tattoos could act as a distraction. I’m willing to try pretty much anything, within reason.

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