I had them and continue to have them.  I found an article in the Mighty that shares the perspective of 15 people with Autism describe their meltdowns.  I felt I could have written half of them.

I believe that I can learn from others that do not have PTSD but face similar challenges.

This past month is one big overload getting back into the swing of school and tackle some pesky health problems at the same time.  I sometimes which problems would take a number and stand in line…but nooooooo.  That is not their nature…the all rush the stage of my life and demand their attention is the most important and blah, blah, blah.  Pacing myself is difficult some days.  Today I felt a meltdown setting in.  I asked permission to vent to my friend, a 30 second vent, helped me to let off enough internal pressure to get things I needed to do.

Anyone like to share their ideas on how to cope with a meltdown, either prevention or coping tool that works for them?





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