The time has come

The time is now.  The time to prepare for the holidays is past.  They arrived officially for me today when I didn’t have to set my alarm.  I slept in until 7:00 AM, after I made myself go back to bed at my regular wake up time.

My attitude will make all the difference.  Choose my attitude.

My expectations will affect how I feel.  Self-check:

Are my expectations reasonable?

Am I expecting more from others than I am from myself?

Does the day have to be perfect?  If yes, refer to first question.  No – continue with questions.

Am I prepared with an exit plan?  (This is a plan of how to leave a party, gathering or event before I am overwhelmed.)

Have I chosen a support buddy for each event?

Do I have positive self-talk phrases practiced so they sound natural to me?  Yes I can stay at the party for the next 10 minutes.  You are doing great, you didn’t run.  Well done.  You can leave when you feel ready.


My December started with an almighty push to finish the costumes for the Savior of the World musical at church.  This put me behind the 8 ball before I even started the month.  I adjusted expectations.  I thought of different solutions than I have ever done before.

This is may Christmas Tree this year with my usual tree topper standing next to it.  Changing expectations takes the pressure off, it works because I am no longer trying to meet impossible standards.


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