Live like you’ll die tomorrow

Is the worse advice.  They imply that you should live each day to the fullest because tomorrow you might die.  Perhaps.  Too many take this advice then they don’t die and have no plans for their own future.  When I was 16 I didn’t believe I would live to see 18.  I lived moment by moment…I kept expecting to die and I’m still here and am now 60.  These are a few of the things that happen when you expect to die tomorrow:

  • Taking huge risks.
  • Don’t plan and budget for the future.
  • No dreams after all, tomorrow may never come.
  • No need to build relationships.
  • Just put up with crap because you’ll die anyway.
  • Neglect your body.
  • Saddest of all, no hope for tomorrow you die.

Too many people live there lives as if they are already dead, biding their time until they are buried, shocked to reach an old age that they never planned to see.

In “Radio Times” (17 February 1979) Benny Green quoted Adolph Zukor, founder of Paramount Pictures, as having said on the approach to his hundredth birthday, ‘If I’d known how old I was going to be I’d have taken better care of myself.’ Zukor died in 1976, having been born in 1873.!topic/alt.quotations/WnRS8enOmMY


I recommend treating each day as a gift full of opportunities.  Tomorrow might be the day I die, but today I will live.

Favorite movie on this subject, Second Hand Lions. They really lived.





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