Third week

I’m in my third week of school and I feel like I am 2 weeks behind.  I’m doing homework for school at home.  I’m staying a little late each day just trying to tread water.  I’m not gaining ground.  So what do I need to do to reprioritize my choices so that I am at least on the agenda.  I am doing the online safety, when I got tired I stopped working on it for tonight.  Taking a break until the next day is not quitting.  Reminding myself that some of my tasks are self appointed and are actually not required.  Problem, I am getting other things done but not some of the required activities are still waiting which is why I feel like I am behind.  Check my priorities.  Get the required projects done first.  Plus I am in limbo.  They hired another person for my position which means they will most likely shuffle classes again.  I’m trying not to stress about the constant change from day to day.  I feel like I am trying to walk across a waterbed.  It is not going well.  Deep breath.

T-shirt worn by another person in line at the store:


I have a nap for that.

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