Dual Awareness

I’m taking a break from the list of best practices because I don’t really want to write about the next one so I am giving myself permission to wait one day.  I think the list is important because it gives a bit of insight of therapy from the perspective of the therapist. It is slow going, I totally get that, but the bottom line is every time I try to rush healing I trip up myself.  I learned that a slow steady pace works better for me.

I just finished watching a video that shows what they call dual awareness.  I call it grounding when I am feeling a flashback memory.  I will warn that watching the therapist with a client (video doesn’t explain if the person is an actress or an actual client) I felt very connected to the experience that the client is having.  I did many of those same behaviors.  I think my counselor was astounded that a 50+ woman could draw her knees up to her chin like a child.  I never explained that my need to be in a ball exceeded the pain it caused me.  I do believe the video is worth watching but you may want to check in with yourself to feel if you can watch it or need breaks.  It does show how to ground yourself while in a flashback.  I also like the part where the therapist tells her to breathe.  I remember doing that, feeling blue, breathe.  Often when thrown into a past nightmare I forget to breathe, releasing my breath helps to release the tension I am feeling in the moment.

Adding the link the computer helped me out by dropping in the video.  Babette Rothschild….


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