Holiday tips from Warrior’s Landing….

I am sending this one again. I would add a few additions. Just because you changed it doesn’t mean other people did. Accept them where they are at. However if you changed and hold on to those changes they will have to treat you differently because your responses are no longer the same. Amazing when you see someone that used to push your buttons scramble when those buttons are deactivated. I continue to learn new ways of coping with large family gatherings. Hoping that holiday stress can be reduced and holiday cheer can be increased.

PTSD - Accepting, Coping, Thriving

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If you are wondering why you have difficulty surrounding holidays and/or anniversaries of traumatic dates – YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

These dates can creep up on us and without realizing it often weeks or more before, the trauma Injury side effects appear and intensified.
Our conscious minds do not necessarily assist us in connecting these dots given our subconscious most certainly does not want to remember. But cell memory wins…

Knowledge is power and setting a reminder alarm each day during the weeks leading up to the event can empower you to prepare.

Consider revising this event whenever possible into something that is not a flashback or trigger.

When it is not possible and or the event signifies one that you must participate in, try to stay in the moment practice breathing techniques and other modalities…

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