Personality Quizzes

Chatting online one of the concerns brought up are the personality quizzes.  I took several. One I took was mandatory because of the type of medical test I was having.  (Checking for epilepsy; no, I don’t have it.) I also help our students take different quizzes to find out what they like for possible career choices.  The questions are usually yes or no questions.  For me, it felt like thousands of questions when in reality probably only a couple of hundred.  But I don’t think just yes or no.  For me, sometimes is usually how I function.  Sometimes I will talk with someone else in line and sometimes I won’t.  Sometimes I feel safe in a new environment, but usually I don’t.  The psychologist got frustrated with me for leaving most of them blank.  I explained to her that she was expecting a yes or no question to a complex question.  Finally, I just ran through the test answering the first thing that popped into my head to get it over with.  My husband works in a job where he has to take the test every year as part of his annual evaluation.  Rather than relying on just my opinion, I collected a variety of tests and explanations to help you feel more informed about what is happening.  One of these tests I took was introvert vs extrovert.  Wow, was I surprised to find out I am as far on the introvert scale as I can get.  I started studying what it is to be an introvert and finally understood a bunch of the things that I do that have nothing to do with CPTSD/PTSD.  Here are the links in no particular order.

One of the things I liked about taking the tests, is it gave me new insight about myself.  I spent years being told what I like and who I am, this was an opportunity to find out for myself.  However, these tests are only part of your picture.  Kind of creepy when the psychologist based her whole assessment of who I am on those several hundred questions.  What it didn’t take into account my personality takes a dump and raging anger takes over when she made fun of me.  I basically told her to get out and stay out.  Took me another 10 years before I was desperate enough to talk to another counselor.  I discovered if I learn about the things I fear then they usually become less fearful.  I don’t recommend giving a lot of personal information or taking any of it too seriously, certainly don’t pay a lot of money for one when many are free.  For me, the answers can change on any given day depending on what other stressors are in play at the time.  One of the issues of long time trauma, you spend so much time and energy on survival that mundane things like what type of ice cream do I like is lost.  Get to know yourself and have fun doing it. 





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