Huge topic….let me tell you.  There is so much to write about this.  It will have its own set of pages.  Emotions is what life is made of, unfortunately with PTSD either they are shut off completely or buzz around like static or fling you are around like an ape in a rage.  PTSD attacks from every side.  Emotions are high on the hit list.  PTSD does not have the same emotional impact on all those that suffer its affect.  I decided to start with the part where emotions effect your physical well being.  As a teenager I talked to my medical doctor because of mysterious illness that made me pass out.  Ran a few test and told me I was fine, accept low on iron.  Gave me a prescription and told me not to worry about it.  Years later, I am talking to another doctor because I am still passing out.  Ran a lot more test including a MRI brain scan….nothing wrong with me.  I looked at my doctor and asked, “If it is all in my head, why does my body hurt so much?”  He didn’t have an answer for me.  This was way before I learned about the Mind-Body connection.  Here it is to me:  The mind can make the body sick and the body can make the mind sick, neither is in isolation from the other.  Emotions come in a wide variety and they are a contributing factor to the mind-body tug-of-war but not the only factor.

My sister posted her thoughts on another blogger that wrote about this too. Judy’s post: http://theprojectbyjudy.wordpress.com/2014/07/30/thanks-judith/ She shares a link to her friend’s Judith post that assures her readers she will piss them off for saying it is all in your head. http://www.runtothefinish.com/2014/07/is-your-pain-real-or-mental-tension-myositis-syndrome.html Do not underestimate what your mind can do to your body.  Your mind can torture your body and never leave a mark.  Just mean.  When I went to have my hearing tested my counselor told me it was an emotional reaction to stress.  I went to the appointment.  The doctor recommended hearing aides because the test showed, I really am partially deaf.  One ear has a tumor on the auditory nerve.  (Removing the tumor would most likely cause me to go completely deaf.  I check it every year and so far no change.)  Hearing aides make a difference.  I was delighted.  My counselor was astounded that I was hard of hearing on top of all the other problems.  Then several weeks after getting my hearing aides. I had a particularly emotionally distressful counseling session.  Suddenly I realize, I can see my counselor’s mouth moving but I hear no sound.  I understood what he meant when he said that emotional stress could cause me to go deaf.  So the trick is to first check to see if there is a medical problem and if that is all clear then start checking in with emotions issues attached to the pain.  As Judy mentioned Yoga is one of the choices to help control your physical reaction.

Judith has several suggestions to combat emotional stress hurting your body.

  • Knowledge is the first step {i.e. understanding there is nothing physically wrong with you}
  • Stop all treatment and start to resume activity
  • Begin thinking emotionally {Daily start to think about what you might be repressing}
  • Talk to your subconscious (“I am in charge, not you. Start sending oxygen to my___)
  • Learning to be kinder and gentler with yourself {life doesn’t have to be so serious}
  • I also like the Louise Hay method which is utilizing affirmations

– See more at: http://www.runtothefinish.com/2014/07/is-your-pain-real-or-mental-tension-myositis-syndrome.html#sthash.P0jqqy66.dpuf

Her web page has suggestions and several books to read on the subject.  This is not the end of this subject.  There will be a lot more.  Part of the effect of trauma for a person is the emotional factor.  I felt this was a place to start.  I believe that just because the emotion or stress starts in my head it doesn’t make the pain in my body any less real.  The body really is hurt by the mind.  The mind doesn’t always behave the way I want it to.  Emotions are part of the problem and ironically also part of the solution.

There is hope!

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