Religion a powerful tool

Religion is a tough subject to tackle for a variety of reasons.  We come from a variety of backgrounds, countries, faiths, religions and experiences with religion.  One of the most difficult aspects is the cruelty that some experience that I refer to as Bible Bashing, abusers using scriptures and their version of what God thinks to intimidate and abuse their victims.  For some people, God is a scary, cruel character that sounds a lot like their abusers.  Religious abuse often used to terrify a child that not only is their life in danger but there is no escape after they are dead either. Religious abuse cuts off the source of faith, hope and charity.  In spite of what was said to me, I went to the original and read the New Testament when I was still in Junior High around 11 years old.  The first book I bought was a Bible for 10 cents.  I found out for myself a very different type of God than I was told about.  I believe in Christ.

In college, I took a physics class that the professor stated in the middle of class that there was no God.  He then sat back and watched the fireworks while students tried to argue that there was.  I watched….not one person bore testimony of their belief.  They were trying to prove it.  Doesn’t go well.  After class I asked the professor, “Do you believe in a supreme being?”  He looked at me for a moment, perhaps waiting to see if I was baiting him, then answered, “Every scientists, I don’t count social scientists, knows there is a supreme being.  The probability is just too high for it to be otherwise.”  I nodded my head and left.

My counselor also asked me about my steadfast faith in a loving God.  Faith is believing without seeing and knowing.  For me, my faith in God helped bridge some of my toughest times.

In the suicide prevention class I took, one of the assets to help a person survive is a religious background that emphasizes spiritual strength.  One of the healing sources is spiritual strength.  Faith, hope, and charity is powerful medicine.  The Bible Judea-Christian is not the only source for spiritual strength.  Yoga, Buddhism, Tao, Do, and many other faiths offer words of comfort and healing.  I look for strength in all areas.  I will use quotes that I believe are helpful.  Spiritual strength helps a person weather the storms of life.  PTSD has many of the same qualities as a megastorm disrupting life.  I felt my spiritual strength was a thin thread the strength of a spiders web that kept me connected to life.  Spider threads are remarkably strong.

* The silk thread spun by spiders, measuring just one-thousandth of a millimeter across, is five times stronger than steel of the same thickness.
* It can stretch up to four times its own length.
* It is also so light that enough thread to stretch clear around the planet would weigh only 320 grams.

Spiritual strength, believing there is more to life than here and now, connecting to God as you understand Him are all ways to help manage and heal PTSD.

I’m hoping that over time I may develop this area to include different religions.  I hope that readers that would like to share their perspectives may write and I will put this information on this page.  Faith proceeds miracles and I, for one, rely on miracles.

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