Halloween Triggers Galore

It’s supposed to be fun…..Right.  It supposed to be silly……Right.  It supposed to ………..doesn’t mean a thing when landing on triggers.  I happen to love Halloween.  Over on my other blog I posted links to some delightful fun links that I enjoy.


Unfortunately, it isn’t all fun and parties for some people.  Unfortunately, some abusers use Halloween to intensify terror and brand their victim minds with a yearly supply of flashbacks and fear.  For those that Halloween is one big nightmare….prepare for the holiday.  Don’t let friends that don’t understand your challenges bully you into activities that are fun for them but a living terror for you.  Setting boundaries of what you can and cannot comfortably do are vital for making it through the day.  Plan an exit routine.  Yep, plan for a way to leave when things get too rough.  One of the most powerful coping skills I learned was that I’m an adult now and I decide what is too much.  Fortunately, our church group puts on a Trunk or Treat that is just the right amount of fun and small scary that I can handle.  I do not go to Haunted houses.  I do not go to corn mazes.  I do not watch creepy movies.  My counselor and I agreed, “If you lived it, its not entertainment.”  Have a safe, happy Halloween.

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