Keep going…..


Lately, I have read so many amazing blogs about PTSD.  I was beginning to wonder if my little voice was worth putting out there.  Well tonight, I was reading comments on one of those amazing blogs and I encountered this, “It is not like PTSD is permanent, like Manic Depression, it is learned so you can unlearn it.”  Wow really…. I was stunned by the flip attitude.  Yes I learned it, I was 5 years old.  The lessons were repeated over and over and over.  Unlearning it is no easy task.  Some of the symptoms like hyper-vigilance are so much a part of my life I am not sure I can stop nor do I want to.  Hyper-vigilance comes in handy more ways than I care to list.  So my tiny voice will continue.  I will share the amazing parts that I read and hopefully learn to laugh at ridiculous myths that persist.  I do want to encourage every one by saying PTSD is manageable.  Acceptance creates an environment conducive to learning coping skills.  Coping skills become life long habits and thriving is possible with PTSD.

Keep Going……….


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