In Spite of

Scott posted it under the name Irregardless

It goes along with what I wrote on my other blog

PTSD is difficult.  Most pages spend thousands of words sharing the difficulties, the symptoms, the discouragement. To get to Thriving with PTSD you need ‘In-Spite-of’.

Irregardless of the scars we choose to make our own lives. In spite of abuse, or neglect, even those other things that shall not be named, some people find hope. For some of you there is a freedom that only comes with completely losing your shit. You know how bad it can get, and that lesson I cannot teach you. We can only earn that ‘moral of the story’. ~Scott Williams

Thriving comes when we take impossible and make I’m possible.  I can’t say I arrived but I have seen glimpses enough to keep me moving forward.


Building bridges as I strive towards Thriving.



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