I was so surprised when my counselor started asking me how much I slept.  I wondered, what does that have to do with counseling?  Well I learned.  Sleep is a powerful mood moderator.  Loose enough sleep and anyone can abuse me and I just didn’t care.  I was too tired to care.  Miss a little sleep and the whole world seems grumpy not realizing that my lack of sleep was coloring my world with negativism.  Solving the sleep problems are still an ongoing issue.  However, right away you can put sleep in your tool box as a thermometer to measure how you are doing.  No sleep, your emotions are not doing well.  Too much sleep, your emotions are still not doing well.  Sleep time needs to be just right.  Not too much, not too little and hopefully restful.  Bottom line, nightmares are not ideal for sleeping well at night.  I recommend working with a counselor, a doctor and try your own experiments to try to improve sleep time.  A few suggestions that I’ve read about keep a sleep log, write down how much you think your a sleeping at night.  Create a going to sleep routine.  Stop using electronics computers, smart phones and other devices about an hour before time to sleep.  Set up your room for comfort.  Yes I have a night light in my room.  It helps me calm down to sleep.  Too many blankets on the bed may cause distress.  Work out what sleeping clothes lead to the most peaceful sleep.  Occasionally I sleep in my day clothes because I feel more secure.  (No logic, just an emotional response.)  I read about one person that slept with a pillow over their face.  That would drive me bonkers.  I used to never pay attention to how I slept at night, now I know that how, what and where and make a real difference in my ability to go to sleep and stay asleep.  For some people, a sleep study may be required.  Sleep apnea can wreck havoc on sleep.  Check with your doctor if you have symptoms like snoring and waking up many times during the night.  Sleep is an important tool in your tool box.

One thought on “Sleep

  1. Oh blessed sleep. I am so grateful to get a good night of it. Trying to drift off at about the same time helps me. But if something’s on mind? Forget it. I suppose I’m quirky in that I love putting the TV timer on falling asleep to the lull of soft voices.

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