Exercise is well known for its healthy benefits, emotionally, mentally and physically.  So why don’t more people do it?  An unused tool in your toolbox is the same as not having it in the first place.  My biggest challenge was jumping in and doing too much too soon and crashing out.  I also paid for a gym membership but didn’t go…..do you know what that is called?  Pure profit for the gym.  I tried all sorts of things that just didn’t work time and time again.  What changed?  A gift from my daughter to a dance studio.  Dance exercise and classes like Zumba and Awkward dance got me going.  I got past the challenge of starting.  I switched from dance to Karate a couple of years ago.  I read an article on the benefits of martial arts for PTSD survivors.  I tried a 3 month experiment and stayed.  I love it.  I am learning that I can control my body.  I can use my body with power or softness.  Plus it burns more calories per hour than dance.  I enjoy the challenge.  I’m constantly learning something new but doing other things that are familiar.  I also use an elliptical at home.  I live in an area where high temperatures makes exercising outside risky.  I walk with my sister, which we call ‘Sister Therapy.’ For strength and endurance, I use a couple of exercise videos.  Who knew I craved variety in my exercise?  I didn’t, until I started experimenting.  I started at ground zero….I could only be up 20 minutes a day when I was in my 30’s.  I chose to fight back.  Getting more sleep, eating healthy, caring for myself, loving myself enough to take the time to exercise.  Exercise is also my barometer for self-care.  If I am nurturing and caring for myself, I am exercising.  If I neglect exercising, I am most likely neglecting myself.

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