Can anger be good?

Here is another perspective on the subject of anger.  The article maps out the difference between destructive and constructive anger.  Also the article has many links on how to manage anger.  Using a time out was one of my favorite solutions.  I would send myself to my room.  I put out a stuffed TV tomato with blood shot eyes and a big fat lip.  I warned everyone that I sent myself to my room for a reason.  Such a relief to learn other choices such as self soothing and mindfulness.  Now I pay attention to my early irritations and not way until I felt the rage flow before evaluating and looking for healthy solutions to boundary violations and hurt feelings.  Many many people have posts on different aspects of anger.  I lived with out it for a time.  That isn’t healthy.  I am thankful for the warning flag of my anger so I can be more aware of what I need to do to protect myself.

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