Background music

Wouldn’t it be cool if real life had back ground music?  Then you would know when the bad guy is looking no matter how nice the bad guy may appear the music would give him away.  Unfortunately, we don’t get that warning.  This post on Facebook gave another perspective on the music going on in your head.

Change the music in your head.

I can’t remember if I ever posted this, but if so it’s important enough for a repeat.

I spoke at a women’s conference and in one segment I showed a scene from The Shining. The son rode a Big Wheel down the halls of the hotel with eerie music playing in the background. Suddenly, he came upon twin girls and the music culminated into heart-attack.

Everything fit together to scare the hoo hah out of you.

Then I played the same scene, but changed the music to a carnival theme. The boy rode merrily along, his head movement timed to the fun and joyful sounds. He came upon the twins who looked like mere playmates thanks to the happy tune.

Try it sometime.

Often we dramatize an event by the music in our head. Please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not undermining the valley through which you walk. It’s hard and tough and flat out stinks.

But the couple who laughs at the infertility treatments or the person who serves others in between job interviews or the cancer patient who brings extra blankets during chemo…

You have to walk through this valley. Most often we have no control over the path once there. But you can choose the music on your Playlist.

~ Happy Monday sweet friends! Oh what an exciting week. What’s so special you ask? Nothing in particular. But it’s another week, day, morning, I have to try to do the right thing, to be kind, to help another. I’m glad for it. ~

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