Day of Rest

Scientist did studies that proved that a day of rest is beneficial to the mind and the body.  Businesses continue to ignore this expecting people to put in long hours.  From the beginning of time, rest was commanded.  Rest on the 7th day and keep it holy.  Our calendars revolve around Sunday. Our body’s seem to know when Friday arrives with Saturday getting ready for Sunday.  I worked in places that required Sunday work.  I was blessed with a Jewish coworker.  I worked her Saturdays and she worked my Sundays.  We were fortunate to have a boss that respected both of us and allowed the swap.  I learned in counseling that I needed a day of rest.  I needed a day to set aside worries of the future or working at repairing my past.  A day to focus on my spiritual side of myself.  The spiritual part of our lives is vital but sadly neglected.  I am amazed that the healthier I become the easier it is to forget about religion.  It is when the darkest hours hit that I turn to Christ and pray to Heavenly Father.  The Holy Ghost is sent to comfort me, teach me, and reassure me that I am headed in a healthy direction. I recommend to anyone the value of taking a day of rest to care for yourself.  I am thankful for my testimony that Jesus is the Christ sent here to lead us back to Heavenly Father.  May your day be blessed with peace even for just 5 minutes.  Yes that kept me going, the little bread crumbs that keep me moving forward.   In the darkest night the weakest candle can shed light.


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