What would help?

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What would help

I believe you.
It is OK to not be OK.
It’s not your fault
Be kind to yourself
Ask, ‘what can I do(for you)?’
Getting help through therapy and medication DOES NOT make you weak! ! It saved my life. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help! You have always been strong. That part of you hasn’t changed!
You felt alone once. You never have to again. Survivors together c:
Stay strong, ride the storms, keep going, you are loved and a have a purpose to fulfill, adapt slowly to the new you, it does get better with time and the battles and struggles get further in between, take your time and stay strong
Get a good support system going
Your feelings, needs and inner boundaries are important and valid and should be respected.
there is a way out.
Specific trauma therapy can help a lot! heart emoticon
“Stop avoiding the scary thoughts and start imagining new outcomes. My one scary truth or trauma now has all sorts of outcomes. So when a trigger happens I automatically have a new story in my head to reminds me it’s over. I use the memories All through my life to weave the bad and good to balance perfect harmony. It’s amazing the new beauty I see in the negative. Don’t be scared to be scared! Cry and laugh and BREATHE!”-God Bless
Boundries Boundries Boundries !!!!! TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF, Always!!
I truly understand the pain and suffering. Just being there for them and listening. Reaching out and being a friend. Communication really does help.
you are awesome, you are loved, you deserve the best life has to offer, you are on this earth for a reason, whether you realize it or not, and DO NOT hate yourself! heart emoticon
Everything you are experiencing is valid.
I’m only at the beginning of my journey as only just been diagnosed but have Been unwell for many years now I know why I can finally start the road to recovery
I also was not diagnosed for years. There is a road to recovery. Your journey is not alone.
Dont isolate, its the worst thing you can do. Force yourself out even just to go to the store. Face your fears when they happen. Stay with that fear until the anxiety goes away
“Whatever you want to do to feel safer,calmer and happier that’s fine,we’ll do that,and il do it with you”
I Love you, I’m here and I am not going anywhere so get used to it.
We got this, here, take my hand.
Reading these helped me, especially the one about “you are who you choose to be, so choose.” Thank you all.
I believe you and I believe in you . You are not alone …
The thing that really has stuck with me did not come from therapy or from any well meant advise; the thing that really stuck for me was a quote from The Iron Giant, “You are who you choose to be; so choose.” -Hogarth Hughes
Stay strong… keep going…you worth alot…get ready for the new strong soul….u worth living and worth to be hero…when you wake up… thank god that you survived …and dont trust anyone …. even your closed ones
“I have your back. I won’t let anyone hurt you.” Man, I wish someone cared enough about me to say that.
You are not alone
Keep pushing through, and Never Give Up On YOU!
You should think of something that made you feel happy and hold on to it, focus on the positive, the good things, cause that’s where life is, feel love, cause really, life loves you
Ride the waves, some will be mellow and some will be tidal, but keep on the board.
Not every time you see a tail it belongs to a fierce lion, sometimes it belongs to a friendly pussy cat smile emoticon
Idk nothing has helped me yet…
I’m with you D., haven’t found anything to help me
what about trauma therapy? it really helped me a lot!
have done most of the trauma therapies out there and they do work, but only for a short time for me. I have found music helps me the most besides my husband and medications.
I found counseling with a counselor that understands PTSD very helpful. Counselors that didn’t have that background are at a loss as to what to say sometimes.
Just knowing there are people that won’t judge you but will just listen and be there to help no matter what because they genuinely care and want to try to understand what you are feeling and experiencing and that for me is priceless! Some amazing answers from people and thank you four posting your kind and very special thoughts on here!
So many good thoughts! Love all yall! Keep fighting!
You are NOT alone… and when you feel there is nowhere to turn, sometimes a stranger in a place, like this, can be your best relief when you really need someone to talk to.
Your strength knows no bounds.
Love yourself!
Every storm runs out of pain, it will set you free.
You’re not crazy. It gets different and then better.
“I’m under the porch and this is where I’ll stay”… sounds silly, but I needed to hear it.
Just a hug
Just hug them
Its ok to feel what you feel. You need to do whats best for you no matter what
Be patient with yourself
Stop drinking
Just heard about Emdr yesterday.. After a year a a half of appointments searching for some kind of trauma therapy, apparently this is something that may be available here. Any good?
Very, very good. I can’t believe how much has changed since i started. It’s changed my life. I was stuck in my home most of the time, with psychogenic seizures, severe hyper-vigilance. I am now sleeping at normal times, the seizures seem to be gone and i am spending more time out and doing things on my own than i have in a decade. I can’t shout it’s praises enough.
It’s okay to not be okay
Love yourself, reach out. You’re not alone

(I deleted all the names to protect those sharing their thoughts.  From the list you can see there are as many opinions as there are people.)

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