Grownup worry box

I read many things looking for answers on how to cope better with living.  I found a link to an article about creating a worry box.  It is a simple method not to hide or ignore worries but a way to acknowledge them and give them a place to go, your worry box. This could be as simple a plastic container or more elaborate box created for this purpose.  When I was in counseling, I used imaginary boxes to place some events that I wasn’t ready to process.  Not forgotten, just set aside.  Sometimes I need time to think about the problem.  Sometimes I need more information.  Sometimes I need to gather strength to face the contents of those worry boxes.  I learned from experience that ignoring a problem is like ignoring a garden, end up with a  lot of noxious weeds and dead flowers.  A creative way to remind yourself that today may not be the day to face down a particular worry.  Tomorrow may not be much better.  But eventually, reviewing concerns you may discovered that they sorted themselves.



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