Healing Field

Each year, a group places a flag for every death at the park from the September 11th terrorist attack.  They call it the Healing Field.  I go and take pictures.  I cry over names of people I never knew.  I grieve for the soldiers and the fireman and the officers and the children and all the people from all the different countries.  I was saddened to listen to someone this week say that someone made it up and the videos were a fake.  It was real.  The witnesses are many.  The after math evidence is there to see.

I pondered this year on creating my own Healing Field.  From my own past, I remember the 3 murders and 7 suicides.  I did in a way with my art create several pieces of art that memorialize my past.  I don’t keep it to keep myself bound to my past, I keep it to remind myself that it was real.  It was as bad as I remember.  Most importantly how far I have come.  I have my private collection of art that I share with no one.  I also have my personal blog http://weareone-ruth.blogspot.com/ that I share my journey and my book that I wrote about one of the milestones in my progress.  I don’t display most of my memorials but I keep them as evidence that evil exists in the world and with some people negotiation is not an option.

RM6_9305RM6_9234Terrorist attack the World.

RM6_923712 hours that changed the United States view of terrorism.

RM6_9453Irony, the Healing Field is in the flight take off pattern for the Phoenix Airport

RM6_9173Dawns Early light


RM6_9174 RM6_9184 RM6_9189 RM6_9203 RM6_9229RM6_9248 RM6_9260 RM6_9272RM6_9310 RM6_9327 RM6_9408Each bear is for a child killed.  These children would be the same age as my students at the high school.  They never got to go to Prom or college or live.RM6_9437



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