I was grounded….often….it had advantages.  My mother would be awake when I got home from school to make sure that I came straight home.  If I wasn’t grounded, she would be mostly likely napping.  Since I got home from school first, I would wake her up….I’d get spanked and then grounded and would start all over again.  So needless to say being grounded is a trigger for me.  Now, I am learning it has another meaning.  Like grounding electricity, it helps me feel calmer.  Sadly in all the reposts on Facebook I don’t know who to give credit too.  I just have the picture that asks to reblog. If anyone does find out who originated it I would like to give them credit.  Another word to research relating to this concept is mindfulness.  Other grounding techniques include drawing, collage, painting, hiking, exercise, sculpture, breathing, cooking,….any activity that gets you into this moment right now.  You may be accused of escapism….here is the difference, settling your mind and allowing it to function without shut down by flooding of adrenaline, is finding a solution.  This works.  Getting the flooding of emotion to calm down, have an outlet, or feel expressed gives your mind a time to process in the back ground.  Escapism you come back to the same flooding and anxiety that was there when you left.




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