Embrace my fear

I was told regularly that my fears were ridiculous, unwarranted, and unreasonable.  Then I went into counseling and remembered why I had my fears, they were a reasonable reaction to horrifying events.  I watched over the years a tendency to demonize certain emotions….Fear is at the top of the naughty list.  I read the book Gift of Fear as an assignment from my counselor.  I don’t remember details from the book since it was several years ago.  What was left was the general impression that fear is the first alert that something in my universe is wrong.  It is the robotic voice screaming “Danger Will Robinson” with arms waving around. (Lost in Space reference….yes it gives you a hint of how old I am.)  But the first hints of fears are often laughed at or ignored.  I am working on the Froglogic concept of embracing my fears.  Welcoming that early warning system….my spidey sense, sixth sense, early alert warnings.  I have them but was taught to ignore them by my abusers.  If I wasn’t afraid they could abuse me at will without me recognizing that there was a problem.  Similar to a child touching a hot stove and being told it wasn’t hot and punishing them for taking their hand away until they finally stop removing their hand from the hot stove.  Yes, abusers are that crazy and cruel to children.  Now, I embrace my fear.  I recognize my body and brain signalling wildly that I am in danger.  I don’t always listen and often regret that decision.  I also noticed an interesting twist that I didn’t expect.  As I listen to and accept my fear as an important part of my well being, the fear comes in softly instead of stomping all over my mind.  Fear did not go away, it became part of my system of recognizing boundary violations.  It became an important helping emotion.


EMBRACE your fears! The bottom line is, they are not going anywhere. We are hardwired for fear and that’s a fact. What are YOU afraid of? This compelling image depicts the necessary struggle that we all must engage in as we face those fears. IF you CHOOSE to accept Froglogic, you WILL learn to EMBRACE the truth about your personal fears and transform them into a powerful, positive weapon as you go forth and claim victory in the combat of life! HOOYAH!!!!
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