Happy Holidays Be prepared

I hope everyone is having a Happy Thanksgiving both here in the United States and any where else that celebrates a day of gratitude.  The celebration started with the Pilgrims and the Indians helping each other through a tough growing season and working together.  Sadly the relationship between immigrants and natives went down hill after that.  Now Thanksgiving is barely remembered in the ecstatic rush for Christmas presents.  I am working not to jump on the overload/guilt train.  I am working at being prepared.  Prepared to let go of the mystical perfect holiday.  Let go of the perfect meal….already threw a bunch of bread that I ‘toasted’ way too much to be used as stuffing…tinge of charcoal seems all wrong.  Encouraging others that are stressed out to boycott the day and roast hot dogs with 2 turkeys sitting in my refrigerator.  I figure if I cook two of them it will up my chances for one of them to turn out.  Holidays are loaded with PTSD triggers.  PTSD Break the silence kindly posted the main types of triggers.  Only you know which are the ones most likely to upset your holiday time.  Review your own triggers.  How many can be avoided?  Do you have a plan for escape or breaks during the day?  I am practicing taking breaks between projects.  Letting go of a few ‘brilliant ideas’ to do another day that are not loaded with expectations all ready.  One less pie.  One less activity.  One less anything I need to back off from.  A plan to walk around the block with grandkids.  A fun Oreo turkey project that little hands can do and munch for dessert.  Allow others to contribute.  I don’t need to control everything.  Inviting new people to dinner.  Being ok if they don’t show.  Planning and repeating, “Thanksgiving is going to be a great day.”

Types of Triggers


Over on my other blog I have suggestion on how to plan to be with family members that don’t always understand challenges of PTSD:


Also remember to plan for after-holiday let down.  After times of high stress PTSD seems to body slam people for a variety of reasons.  Plan to rest after visiting with family and the feasting.  Plan to take it easy for awhile.  Plan to be kind to yourself.  Plan time for yourself.  Plan to treat yourself with the respect you deserve.  Fire the nasty boss (yourself) that expects you to do ten times as much as is even humanly possible.  Happy Thanksgiving, I am thankful to know that I don’t have to be perfect to enjoy the day.  May God bless your day.

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