This works for anyone in any situation Keep It Simple Sweety. (The original used the word Stupid.)   The it being any activity or job.  I possess a talent for making my life more complicated.  One of the advantages of an art degree is required art history classes that give you a new perspective.  Minimalist are dedicated to less is more.  Seeing the simplicity of a single flower instead of the entire bouquet.


Part of the Business terms glossary:

The KISS Principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid) is self-descriptive and recognizes two things:

1. People (including product and service users) generally want things that are simple, meaning easy to learn and use.

2. A company that makes products or furnishes services may find simplicity an advantage for the company as well, since it tends to shorten time and reduce cost. (Where the company is trying to use the principle on behalf of users, however, design time may take longer and cost more, but the net effect will be beneficial since easy-to-learn-and-use products and services tend to be cheaper to produce and service in the long run.)

The New Hacker’s Dictionary, edited by Eric Raymond, says that the KISS Principle is sometimes cited on a development project to fend off feature creep.

The somewhat related idea of Ockham’s razor is about always looking for the simplest explanation.

This was last updated in September 2005
Posted by:Margaret Rouse

What does this look like in a real life situation?  School asks you to bring cookies to the school party.  Buy the cookies you need to bring.  Or make Rice crispy treats, roll them into little snow balls.  If you have 6 boxes of decorations only get out 2.  In my anxiety to please others, I mistake business for accomplishing.  Also go to sleep and attempt more hours if possible.  Good night.




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