Backing off

I backed off from all things computer.  I am refocusing on family, friends and sanity.  My friend let me review the mess I tumble into.  It wasn’t actually my mess but choices of others affected me in a negative way.  Work went from mildly stressful to job hunting to didn’t want to get out of bed and face one more day.  Finally I started putting things back in perspective and realized I was taking on more than what I am responsible for.  Imagine that….(sarcasm font please)…a people pleaser taking on more responsibilities than what I should.  I am putting things back in perspective.  Drawing some healthier boundaries.  Letting go of some expectations.  Relieved to see some things resolving themselves that I just need to get out of the way and let things happen.  I’m now on vacation for two weeks.  I really need these two weeks off.  Christmas gifts were lost but I found some fun replacements.  Eventually I’ll find the other gifts and they will become just-because-it’s-Tuesday presents.  (Side note….a just-because-it’s-Tuesday presents is given on any day accept Tuesday.)  DH is very supportive and reminded me not to take a specific situation get generalized throwing things out of perspective.  Goes along the same line as a bad 5 minutes does not make a bad day, and a bad day does not make a bad life.  Bad 5 minutes is just that five minutes and usually survivable.


Feeling Blue – Breathe

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