Are you filling your bucket?

I read the book How Full is your Bucket?

Others picked up on the idea of filling your own personal bucket by filling other people’s bucket.

Recently on Facebook I came across a link on how to fill children’s buckets.

The most important thing I learned is I do more damage to my bucket than anyone else.  Yes, I was hurt when I was a child but I’m the one being unkind to me now.  It is a habit.  Name calling, put downs, and criticism were all part of my growing up years.  I continue to put myself down.  The slightest mistake and I berate myself for 10 minutes.  I can’t change my past but I can change how I treat myself now.  The cool thing about filling buckets, when you fill others your own is filled up.  My first counselor started me with the 5/50 project.  Do something kind that doesn’t take longer than five minutes and doesn’t cost more than 50 cents.  (another post about the 5-50 project


image116hrFractal a day was an awesome APP…actually felt sad when it wasn’t available any more.


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