Celebrate success

This week I was at an indoor park watching my grandchildren play while their Moms had a few minutes of Mom time.  I was doing exactly what I always dreamed to be doing.  My hyper-vigilance was a plus because I kept track of all of them in a sea of wiggling happy excitement of children’s play.  I sat there and basked in the joy of being why I was and my experiences helped me.  Too often I am focused on not screwing up, not allowing PTSD to interfere with my life, working on some improvement.  The beauty of sitting there being myself and enjoying what I was doing in the moment, I took note and paid attention to the joy of the moment.  Will I feel anxious again? Sure.  Will I have triggers again?  Sure.  Will my memories trip me up again? Sure.  However, in that moment of time I was happy being myself and participating in living.  I enjoyed several moments like this one through out this trip.  I am thankful to my daughter that planned the trip and invited me along.  My body is achy, my mind is tired but wow is it worth it to visit each of my children that live far away.  Celebrate successes whatever you define them to be.  Thriving is awesome.  It looks different for every person.  The cool think is each person gets to decide for themselves their definition.  Take time to recognize when you are happy, content, enjoying a moment.

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