When family helps

At first, I wasn’t going to share this article.  Not everyone comes from a supportive family.  Then I thought about how supportive and loving my husband and children are to me.  I sometimes focus so much on the past I forget the blessings I have in the present.  This article gives some great suggestions when the family is supportive and wanting to help the person that suffered trauma.

I like their list of suggestions:

  • Give them the opportunity to talk about their feelings
  • Find healthy recreational outlets
  • Don’t ask why; ask what you can do now
  • Seek out your own help and support


Opportunity to talk may come when you are working in a garden together, washing dishes together, or other activities that keep the main focus on something else allowing time to share what is on their hearts.

Healthy recreational outlets may include hiking, walking, going to the gym, and other activities that combine exercise with companionship.

Too often people want to know why bad things happen.  Too often the person experiencing the trauma is wondering the same thing.  Asking what can be done now helps on several levels, accepts what happens and encourages grounding in now.

The last one is vital, when helping someone else, people tend to neglect themselves.  If you are a loved one of a person living with PTSD get your own support team to assist you.  Don’t feel you have to do this alone.  Team building makes a difference for everyone.

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