Why I started this blog

Every once in a while I get a reminder why I started this blog.  I purchased a workbook about PTSD.  (Not naming which one because I have seen the assumption in more than one.)

Chapter 1

“Prior to the occurrence of a traumatic event or events, there are generally basic assumptions that guide your life.”

Their basic assumption is that I had a life before trauma.  My earliest memory I estimate I am 2 or 3 years old, someone is trying to drown me in a bathtub.  (Finally makes sense why I wouldn’t let my kids have any more that an inch of water in the bathtub.)  Many authors of web pages and books writing about PTSD assume I had a life before trauma.  I didn’t.  It is all I know from my childhood.  Yes, I had good memories but the bad ones were so horrific they over shadow and dim the good ones.  My childhood was trauma.  There is no before and according to my mother my birth was no walk in the park either.  It is difficult for me to relate to what a book is saying when they are preaching from a position that does NOT apply to me.  So I started this blog for anyone that can relate with “All I know is PTSD.”  Can I improve my life?  Absolutely YES.  Can I learn from these other authors?  Sure I can.  But I get frustrated when they say they understand my situation when their own assumptions point out they have no idea.  I am learning to thrive because I believe in my heart there is something better than what I lived.  My counselor helped give me basics that I was missing from my life training.  I can thrive because I work freaking hard to do so.

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