Manna again

Recently had a conversation with my Dad and sister about things taking a long time.  Manna again for 40 years.  November is a month of Thanksgiving.  It came after the harvest which when the tradition was started was truly a matter of life and death.  Many times blessings come in the form of manna.  The same thing every day for years and years.  I am thankful for work, a job I mostly enjoy.  I also learned to be grateful for work I didn’t enjoy.  I learned that approaching unpleasant tasks with an attitude of gratitude I started finding hidden treasures of joy.  Many of the things I feel grateful are the same things that I had every day, home, family, employment, car, and other benefits I enjoy every day.  Sometimes I feel gratitude when a situation changes.  Gratitude that starting out late for work the traffic runs smoothly and I end up on time.  I learned that gratitude is a way of viewing the world.  I am not blind to the troubles and challenges but with gratitude I see the small bits of joy sprinkled here and there.  I came to appreciate this living in the desert.  Due to grueling heat flowers are often tiny to preserve moisture.  I’ve taken many pictures of this tiny burst of joy.  If I rush past on my hike, I miss them.  Too often in rushing around on my daily schedule I miss the little sprinkles of happiness because I am not looking for them.  When you look for things to be thankful for, suddenly your life is filled with manna, things around us every day that sustain us but in their familiarity no longer feel grateful for. Taking time to acknowledge that which I am grateful for increases my feelings of well-being.  I now consider gratitude as a wonderful coping tool that helps me see the pin pricks of light when days are dark.

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