Hit the ball

And Drag George……

This is a punch line from a Golfing joke.  4 guys were golfing buddies and met rain or shine on the links every Saturday.  One particular Saturday the wife noticed they came home particularly late.  She asked her husband what happened.  “Oh it was terrible,” he complained, “George had a heart attack on the first hole.”  The wife was concerned…”You’ve been at the hospital all this time with George?”

“Uhhh no….It took forever to hit the ball and drag George.”

I always think of this joke when I drag myself to work then drag myself back home because I feel like I can’t just stay home when I feel sick.  Of course, I then get worse and not better.  My body is in all out rebellion over how I abused it for the past two weeks.  If not better in the morning….I promise to stay home, drink plenty of liquids and take a nap.  Or I’ll do what I always do and “Hit the ball and drag George.”


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