I’m exhausted….but when I fall asleep I only sleep a short time before waking again.  If I sleep earlier, I wake up earlier.  If I actually do starting getting more sleep…..nightmares increase.  Insomnia sucks, a lot.  I actually researched sleep, read books on it and I learned that not enough sleep alone can cause severe symptoms.  Drowsiness on the job or driving could cause you your employment or your life in a car crash.  Warnings on road trips to rest regularly, regulations for truck drivers that are required to stop ever so many hours, and other messages all verify the importance of sleep.  Sadly one of the main problems of PTSD is lack of sleep.

Some of the issues with lack of sleep:


Prefer a graphic showing 16 of the problems associated with sleep deprivation:


My counselor advised me to do whatever I could to get more sleep.  My answer, “So when I get more sleep, what do I do for the nightmares.”  Yup, I’m between a rock and a hard spot.  I am feeling the negative effects this week.  I’m to the point of hang the nightmares I need to sleep.

Now one of the interesting things that most people do not know about sleep deprivation is that go far enough into sleep deprivation you go numb.  Many of the articles write about irritability but tired enough and I stop being able to care.  My sleep deprivation is counted in many, many years not just days.  I had a sleep study done.  They asked me when was the last time I felt rested.  The answer was easy, “Never.”  My parents did not adjust our schedules for kids.  We were woken very early to do chores before going to school but this was not compensated with an earlier bedtime.  Naps were forbidden because they wanted us to go to sleep at night.  However, when traveling I was allowed to sleep.  A sleeping child doesn’t cause much trouble on a trip.  Now, when I travel I sleep.  For hours.  Sadly, I wake up feeling like a truck ran over me and I hear the beep-beep-beep it is backing up.  I believe I could master this one thing, my life could be so different.  The book Boune Identity calls sleep a weapon.  Well rested your mind is sharper, your personality improves, your health is better, and helps prevent serious diseases like heart trouble, type 2 Diabetes, and other nasty illnesses.

Ideas on how to improve sleep:



Essential oils can be another source of products that can help enhance sleep.

Sleep is a beautiful thing….Good luck

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