The other 1%

Yesterday I wrote that “Radical changes fail about 99% of the time for me.” Then there is the other 1%.  Radical changes happen.  One of my radical changes was switching from computer engineering to photography degree in college.  I had enough hours to graduate with a degree and a half because many of my engineering classes did not fit into the photography program.  I took drawing, painting and woodworking none of those classes need differential equations to pass.  A degree in photography was a radical change.  Another radical change was counseling.  I went into it blinded to what would happen.  Counseling turned my life inside out and upside down.  It was another 1% radical change.  I can actually count on one hand the radical changes I made but these are the pivotal points in my life.

In college, I studied the Butterfly Effect for my philosophy class.  The teacher scoffed that I could prove it one way or another.  I told her I wasn’t trying to prove the butterfly effect.  I wrote my paper on how it changed the philosophy of scientists towards data from experiments.   Instead of ignoring the extremes and focusing on the main part of the bell curve, after the butterfly effect was written about, they re-did experiments and studied the extremes because that is where major changes occurred.  Scientists no longer looked at their experiments in the same way.  A radical change that changed everything.  Consider for a moment your own life.  Can you think of a small incident that had far reaching impact?



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