Lousy at play

I work at a school where Early Childhood Education is one of the courses of study.  High school students learn to be preschool teachers.  I coined the motto, “Our Work is Child’s Play.”  I help teach students the importance of play but I am lousy at playing.

This link explains some of the reasons why playtime is important for children.  Research is also discovering that playtime is important for adults to.  Problem arises that I make every play activity a job.  Or I feel like I am wasting time.  Or I become so competitive that I can suck the joy right out of playtime.


Why  don’t I just relax?  Why can’t I enjoy a game or play?  These answers are buried deeply in my past.  I am learning to take each thing and exploring why I behave the way I do.  I enjoyed a lovely afternoon yesterday watching a movie.  It was great.  I work at learning to play.  I enjoy time with small children because they play so naturally.  No hangups No watching the clock No feeling guilty for sitting and knocking blocks over for 30 minutes.  Children are awesome.

Play involved letting my guard down.  Watching the clock changes play into another chore.  Playing a game happy to lose takes work but I am learning.  I learn from children.  I think the blessing of grandchildren is getting a second shot at learning what is most important to children, our time playing.


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