Go back to what works

I am rebuilding my health after a rough beginning to 2017.  A fast trip to Kentucky followed by horrible allergies, finished off with a car wreck that was not my fault but left me with spectacular bruising and a sore neck.  The bruising is fading but still tender to the touch.  Sneezing is painful.  I am spending this Summer, rebuilding my health.  I am going back to what works, myfitnesspal.com, exercise with a video, walks in the park in the early morning, slowly working my way back up.  I can do some of my exercises but am nervous to try a pushup.  I will keep doing the things I know work.  Sometimes going back to what works helps me to get back on the healthy track.  I listened to my daughter share a radio show on body image.  I got thinking about how she reminded everyone in dance class to honor your body.  If your body hurts, listen.  I am going back to all the things that were working for me before my life went wonky.  Baby-steps still move me forward.  Starting with what I know works is a good place to start rebuilding.

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