Prepare for Fireworks

If you live in the United States, July 4th is a fireworks holiday.  How can a person with PTSD prepare for the day?

Accept that the sound of fireworks is triggering.  If possible, go to a place where fireworks are not allowed.

Other coping ideas:

Ear plugs, stay in doors, head phones that can block outside noise, white noise, TV on very loud (this is controlling the noise you hear), take a shower (water sound blocks the noise), art, video games.

Some ideas I read on line Thunder shirts/Jackets, it works for some people as well as dogs.  Weighted blankets.

If fireworks bother you, decline invitations to go to the fireworks.  It is OK to say, “NO.”  (Remember No is a complete sentence, no explanation required.)

I highly recommend to not make yourself miserable to please someone else.  They will still probably be annoyed with you if you show any sign of anxiety.  Be kind to yourself and stay home.  If you do decide to go, have an exit plan if it gets too much.

I love fireworks and discovered that I was able to over come my anxiety to watch them.  This year I am having a bit of a rough time so I am not going because as much as I enjoy them between the crowd, the heat and the sound it is still a high stress situation.  I am allowed to back off and say no to fireworks this year.

I also recommend planning to do something you do enjoy.  I bought a puzzle today so I will have fun putting together a puzzle.


Fireworks without the sound……See below.




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