Thank you Readers

It is official as of this morning, I now have over 200 followers.  I want to thank you for reading, caring, sharing, and replying to my posts.  This is an awesome undertaking and your encouragement and kind comments keep me going.  (Unkind comments are deleted, just so you know.)  PTSD is ever present but I am happier and growing in ways that I never dreamed possible when I started this adventure with counseling and learning how to thrive.  I am living proof that having PTSD is not the end of the World.  I am accepting that PTSD probably saved my life.  It was a way for a little girl to cope with an unpredictable and scary world.  Life still has ups and downs and scary things and such but I am learning skills and developing attributes that are taking life to a new level called Thriving.  I am not dreaming about thriving, I am doing it.  It feels good.  Each post I try to share a little of what helped me get me where I am today.  I continue to learn and grow.  I experiment and try new ideas that strengthen me and take me to new levels of living.  Events still happen that remind me that PTSD is still part of my life, it doesn’t control my life.  Thank you for taking time out of your day to share my journey.

A PTSD survivor can Thrive.

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